“Earn an Update” Challenge

Something I’m really excited about doing with Special People is interacting with you guys, the readers, as the story progresses. I’ve been thinking up lots of different ideas for ways to get you all involved in how the stories are told, presented, and shaped. Today I’m trying out the first one.

My schedule, right now, has me posting a new chapter from the current Special People story arc, King of the Dark, on every Wednesday. If you feel like one update per week might be too slow for you, here’s your chance to do something about it!

If I can get story comments from 10 different people by noon on Monday, November 28, I’ll post two updates next week. I have them both written and edited already, so you know I’m good for it!

You can comment on the new prologue for King of The Dark, or on any of the chapters or standalone stories listed on the Chapter List page.

As a special bonus, I’ll randomly pick one person who comments and they’ll get to provide me with the name of a new character that I’ll use in a future story!

Comment away!


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