Preparing For Launch

Welcome to the launch of Special People, my new fiction project! Please explore the site, and let me know what you think of it. I’m targeting November 23 as the official “launch date” for the project.

So far the site is seeded with two short standalone, or “single,” chapters, as well as the first five chapters of a longer story that you may have already read if you bought Feel-Good through my blog. This longer story, Hands-On, was the core of that collection, and was the inspiration for putting Special People together as a larger project. The sixth, and final, chapter of Hands-On will go live on Monday, November 21, and more new content will begin flowing after that.

The main thing I have to hammer out at this point is my update schedule. Right now I’m planning to post new chapters every Wednesday, and occasionally on Mondays or Fridays, as well. I expect that plan will evolve somewhat, though, as I get more familiar with the time needed to keep things up, and how long to make each chapter, etc.

For now, enjoy what’s here, catch the end of Hands-On when Monday rolls around, if you haven’t read it before, and watch for a brand new chapter on Wednesday, November 23!


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