Make Your Mark on Special People

Are you a fan of Special People with $5 and a thinking cap?

The first person to go to the Store and pay $5 will have bought the right to create a new character for the next Special People story arc.

Here’s the blurb from the listing on the store:

I am working on the upcoming story arc for Special People, and I need help creating a character for it.

I have some character prompts that I’ve received in the past, but I’m saving them for situations that would suit their special abilities better. For this character, I need someone strong and aggressive with an ability to match.

The first person to pay $5 gets to help me create this character. You’ll provide the name and the special ability, and I’ll incorporate him/her into the story.

If you’ve got $5 and a thinking cap, this is your chance to make a mark on the future of Special People!

I will email the purchaser at the email address associated with their PayPal account once the purchase has been processed.

Act fast if you want in on this! As soon as the first person has bought the right to create the character, it’ll be marked as “Sold Out” and you’ll be out of luck.


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