Get on Ian Innis’s List

Ian Innis is an important and somewhat mysterious character in the Special People universe. He is collector of information: specifically, he identifies, tracks down, and recruits special people, people with all kinds of strange and unique powers and abilities.

Ian Innis has a little black book where he keeps a semi-detailed list of all of the specials he has come across. At some point in the current Special People story arc, some of the contents of that book will be revealed.

You have an opportunity to shape that list.

Your $2 allows you to submit the following information for one list entry:

  • Name
  • Description of abilities (in 20 words or fewer)
  • Personal history and/or physical description (in 30 words or fewer)

Use your own name and choose your own powers, or make up a character from scratch!

NOTE: For the sake of keeping the Special People universe properly “balanced,” special abilities should not include

  • Sustained flight
  • Complete and sustained invisibility
  • Superhuman strength
  • Invincibility
  • Movement speeds above 150 km/h

Be creative! Special People is about nonstandard abilities, so try to avoid the usual comic book fare. I reserve the right to request alterations to your choice of abilities if I feel they are necessary.

Please be aware that there’s no guarantee your character will show up as an active participant in a Special People story outside of being part of the list, though I reserve the right to make use of your character if they fit into a future storyline.

Head over to the Store and get your name on Innis’s List!


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