Special People Comic Campaign Update

As the IndieGoGo campaign to make a Special People comic rolls on, I wanted to update you on a few more details of the project.

Specifically, I want to introduce you to the artist who I’m hoping to hire to work on the comic. His name is Ash Jackson, and I learned about him through his work on Jon Lock’s Afterlife, Inc. franchise. Head over there to check out some of Ash’s work, or take a look at the image below, which he drew. Feel free to scan through his impressive Flickr gallery, too!

Supergirl, by Ash Jackson.

Ash isn’t a lock to work on the comic—he may end up being too busy—but he’s the artist I’m targeting, and I wanted to give you a taste of what the comic could end up looking like, to whet your appetites.

The comic needs more support to reach the target still, so please share the link and chip in whatever you can!



One thought on “Special People Comic Campaign Update

  1. Color… hmmm… That surprised me, but I expect that it makes sense. Special People has such a gritty feel to it and between that and the misty grey of the Puget Sound region, I guess I expected this to be in black and white. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

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