Who Wants to Edit Who Killed Walter Carton?

I’m looking for someone (or maybe two people) to play “editor” for me.

You’ll get to read Who Killed Walter Carton? in its entirety (rather than having to read it chapter by chapter over the next three months). Your job will be to give me feedback on the flow, pacing, and internal consistency, and to spot plot holes that I’ve missed or big questions that I haven’t answered.

I’d like to get comments back within the next two weeks or so. I estimate that the full book will take about two hours to read, maybe a little longer if you’re finding a lot to comment on or ask questions about.

Please email tsevenhuysen@gmail.com if you’re interested.


4 thoughts on “Who Wants to Edit Who Killed Walter Carton?

  1. Aww, I wish the timing worked out differently. I have a lot of editing experience that I’ve done for a friend of mine, but that same friend just sent me a hundred-something page handwritten story (manuscript?) to work on editing. I’ll keep an eye out for if you do this again in the future, though.

    • No worries.

      In case it wasn’t clear from the post above, I’m not looking for copy-editing, by the way. I’m pretty confident in my spelling and grammar. It’s just the flow and the plot holes that I could use outside perspectives on. :)

    • Yeah that’s why I’m thinking I’ll probably still wait until the story has finished going up on the site before I actually release it as a novel. :)

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