Coloured Comic Preview

Remember how backers of the Special People comic project had the chance to have their own face inserted into the comic? Here’s proof that their pledges are being honoured!

This is a panel from page 2 of the comic, which has just had its colouring finished up. A few of you might recognize yourselves… Neat, eh?

We’re making progress, and it’ll be time for the full comic to be revealed before you know it! It still remains to be seen whether the comic will run immediately after Hide and Seek, or whether there’ll be something else in between, partly because I don’t know how much longer Hide and Seek is going to take to tell, and partly because I can’t make any guarantees about a release date for the comic, since I’ve never seen a project like this through to conclusion, so it’s hard to make a good estimate.

But we’re getting there. :)


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