Create a Character!

There’s a new chance for you to put your mark on the Special People universe.

I’m looking for two people to create characters for the current Hide and Seek story line. These characters will show up very soon and will play a pretty significant role in the rest of the story, potentially having a large impact on the broader plot of the overall series.

For just $3, you can claim one of these characters as your own and provide me with their special ability, as well as some personality and back story to inform how I write them.

Jump over to the Store posting to get in on this chance now!

Note: Due to the nature of the story and the characters, I may ask for more than one suggestion to ensure that the characters don’t create large internal logic flaws or break my plot outline. :)


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  1. Gah! I didn’t saw this sooner! I always go straight to the last update… Just bought it, I hope I will still have a chance to contribute…

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