2 thoughts on “Page 6

  1. Ooh the plight of being able to change your appearance… nobody recognise you! Thought I’m not sure… maybe they want them both? I tought Innis had saw him turn into his current appearance.

    • Oh wait, after taking a closer look I finally understood. I tought the lizard was a nickname Innas had given to Changer, when I think about the actual lizard in my head I always calls it the cameleon. That’s why I thought Innis and Sky had misunderstood the situation. I hadn’t see that he was taking the cameleon from rugby’s hands in the fourth panel.

      Also I hope Rugby won’t die :( he is insane but he doesn’t seem to be bad (thought the other’s weren’t bad either, they were just trying to help their dumb friend, then they saw the random change and got frightened). Rugby looks innocent, and he talk funny. I like him. I don’t want him to die.

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