I’m Not Dead

Radio silence on this site for almost four months… What in the world has happened to all the momentum we built?

Well, life happened to it. Work and house-buying and a little bit of burnout happened. But I’m almost back!

I’m not sure whether it’s the summer sun, a bit of breathing room at work, the excitement of our new house, or simply the passage of time, but my creative impulse is finally starting to return. In the past few weeks I’ve written several 50-word stories, started up a new 50-word story contest, and gotten two important Special People activities underway.

First, I’ve begun to construct an outline for the next big story arc, which will be a continuation of Who Killed Walter Carton? and will follow SMS, Esther, Kevin, and the rest. It’s going to be pretty explosive!

Second, I’ve written several pages of new material to extend the ending of the very first Special People story, Hands-On. Since I first wrote that story, SP has evolved quite a bit, and I’ve wanted to do a rewrite of Hands-On (and King of the Dark) to bring them more in line with the format, length, and tone of the later arcs. Writing this new conclusion is a very important step in that project. I hope to have the rest of the work on the Hands-On/King of the Dark rewrite done in the next few months, and I think it’s very doable as long as I can keep my creativity flowing. (It’ll help if people comment or touch base with me on Twitter or Facebook to let me know there’s interest!) Once the rewrite is done, I’d like to give the story a proper book release, and if that goes well I’ll move on to doing the same with the more recent arcs.

I hope you’re as excited about all of this as I am! It feels really good to have stories starting to come out of me again. I feel… alive!


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