About Special People

Special People is a web serial about people with unique and unusual powers and abilities. It’s superpower fiction with a fistful of twists. From a human cell phone to a man who can conjure bacon out of thin air, these are unique, interesting characters, special people with their own special problems.

You can start reading from the very beginning, go straight to the most recent chapter, or pick a story arc to follow below.

The Stories

Currently Special People contains two main story arcs, set roughly ten years apart, as well as some short stories. For a timeline of how the arcs fit together, see the Timeline page.

Winds of Change
Hide and Seek
Change (comic)

King of the Dark
Hands-On (undergoing rewrite)
Fly By Night (to be rewritten)
Who Killed Walter Carton?

Short Stories
Out of Fuel
On the Run

The Setting

The events of Special People mostly take place in and around Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The timeline is present day. Many real locations are mentioned within the stories. Why not look them up online and get a feel for where things are happening?