Innis’s List

This page contains excerpts from Ian Innis’s personal notebook, which he used to store detailed information about the specials he encountered and researched. It is not an exhaustive list, and will continue to grow as more of Innis’s work is revealed.


Name: Vary Casbon

Abilities: Can effectively case a building by looking at it and figure a way around low- and mid-technology security measures.

Notes: Made his way through unnoticed petty theft and a network of fences. Wears a broad-brimmed, out-of-place hat.

Name: Veronica Glute, AKA Eagle Eye

Abilities: Possesses extraordinary long-distance vision, but can’t focus her eyes on anything nearer than a kilometre away.

Notes: Has to wear convoluted eyewear to function in everyday life. She is trained as a sharpshooter, but has pacifistic tendencies. Easily distracted. Generally acts distant and removed.

Name: Erin Hunt

Abilities: Communicates with foxes.

Notes: Male, 17, ran away from a neglecting family, got “adopted” by a small street gang of specials, has shown signs of mental instability, and prefers fox company to human.

Name: Candace Leighton

Abilities: Emits various odours at will, through her fingertips.

Notes: Her wealthy family tries to keep her status as a special secret.

Name: Philip “Buddy” McGraw, AKA Camoulean

Abilities: Can change the physical properties of any woven material he touches, for a limited time, e.g. cotton to kevlar, Mets jersey to Yankees…

Notes: Large, loud, and uncut. Simple man, redneck outlook on life. Uses his abilities to change sports jerseys, hunting camouflage, and rude t-shirts. May not be aware of the full implications of his abilities.

Name: Emily Pollard

Abilities: Affects others’ mood.

Notes: Typically makes those around her happier. Likely able to exercise some control over the effect.

Name: Joel Ravenshot, AKA Mimic

Abilities: He has developed uncanny (but non-special) skill as a ventriloquist, to cover for a soft glow that emanates from inside his mouth.

Notes: Only speaks through a sock puppet. Pretends to be mentally ill. Observant and antisocial.

Name: Melanie Scott

Abilities: Extraordinary beauty, charm, and industry.

Notes: I loved her, but she wouldn’t have me. Deceased June 23, 1998. Mechanic who installed brakes punished for his carelessness on March 17, 1999.

Name: Shawn Matthew Scott, AKA SMS

Abilities: Connects mentally to cellular networks to send and receive calls and text messages.

Notes: Melanie’s son. Worth keeping an eye on. More info in binder.

Name: Naomi Tucker

Abilities: Can vanish completely and reappear a short time later.

Notes: Young, may be vulnerable. More information required about the amount of control she can exercise over her ability. Can she transport others along with her? Is it time travel, or some form of displacement? More info in binder.

Name: Gilbert Von De Gral, AKA Allium or The Cry Daddy

Abilities: Emits allinases (the chemical in onions) to make nearby people cry.

Notes: Short, unassuming, dresses in layers. When scared, he is unable to control his ability. He is not personally affected by the allinases. Uses his ability for plays and movies.

2 thoughts on “Innis’s List

  1. That’s really interresting :D I don’t know if you plan on integrating all theses characters in the main story but I like the concept of creating and presenting them in short notes like that. It allow us to imagine our own stories in the universe you created.
    By the way may I say that the powers you gave your personnages are awesome because they are not always cool or even useful? From what I can remember it’s the first time this concept is develloped. In X-Men, Heroes and so many other stories the abilities are always cool and useful, especially in a fight. The “random” aspect of the gift they have in your work make things even more interesting.

    • That’s the idea I’m going for. If there really were such a thing as people with “super powers”, why would those powers pretty much all be made for fist-fighting?

      What I really try to do is tell stories that aren’t just designed to show off the characters’ special abilities. The abilities obviously play a role in the narrative, but they aren’t supposed to be the centre of the story; just an accessory.

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