Confrontation – Part 1

The man who had fallen from the sky–“Caleb,” Esther had called him–stood on the sidewalk, staring at Esther with a pure, mindless hatred in his red-veined eyes that Kevin had never seen before. There was a long silence.

Nineteen seconds, twenty, twenty-one, thought Kevin. Thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six

Esther broke first. “I thought I might see you tonight,” she said, and pulled the front door closed behind her. “You made it here pretty early, too, all things considered.”

“Wouldn’t want to keep you waiting,” said Caleb. “Wasn’t easy, of course. Ever tried to fly over the Arctic Ocean with a bullet in your thigh?” Caleb cocked his head on one side with a manic grin, as if he was setting up the punchline of a joke. Continue reading


Operation: Be the Better Other Man

“Okay,” said Andy Button. “Looks like she’s home now. Car’s in the driveway. Say the word and Operation: Be the Better Other Man is a go.”

Andy and Kevin were standing at the mouth of a small cul-de-sac, ducked behind a beat-up white van with tinted windows.

“Wait,” said Kevin. “Don’t I get any input on the operation name?”


“But that one’s stupid.” Continue reading