Bacon for Thinking With

Kevin and Esther’s drive back to Victoria was going even more quietly than the drive up, other than the continuous crunching of carrot sticks as Esther tried to relax from the tension and discomfort of the prison visit. Kevin opened his mouth a few times to try to start a conversation, but thought better of it each time. It was obvious Esther had a lot on her mind. Maybe it was better to just let her process it.

As they approached Mill Bay, the carrot crunching stopped. Kevin glanced over and saw Esther looking into the empty plastic container and sighing. “Out of carrots?” he said.

“Mm hmm.”

“Sure you don’t want any bacon?”

Esther looked out the window for a few seconds, then held the plastic container out towards him. “Yeah, fine. Bacon me.” Continue reading


Paperwork at the Prison

Kevin rang the doorbell and stepped back on the porch to wait. He looked over his shoulder at Rosy, parked on the curb. That hunk of red metal was older than he was! He hoped Esther hadn’t seen him arrive. He didn’t want her to think Rosy was his! Better to clarify that point before she got a chance to see it. He shuffled a bit to the side, to block the view of the car from the door.

This porch made his spine crawl. It wasn’t that long ago that he’d watched Esther get punched through a wall here by her insane brother, Caleb. The only reason she hadn’t died was because she had a special ability that granted her incredible toughness, and extended that toughness to those she loved when was near them. Man, what Kevin wouldn’t give to have an awesome ability like that, instead of his stupid bacon-making power. Continue reading


The phone buzzed on Kevin Cox’s bedside table. He groaned, rolled over, and smacked his lips. It buzzed again.

Kevin woozily pushed himself into a sitting position. Who would be calling him at… 11:35 AM? Oh. Huh.

The phone buzzed again. Kevin fumbled for it and hit Answer. “Hello?” He hoped the grogginess in his voice didn’t carry through the phone too obviously.

“Hey, Kevin. It’s Esther. How’s it going?” Continue reading

Calling On Andy

Early Monday evening, Kevin popped by a friend’s house to get some outside perspective on his phone conversation with Esther.

“You’ve come to the right guy,” said Andy Button, slouched across his couch in a t-shirt and sweatpants while he played Call of Duty. “Girl problems are just one of my many areas of expertise.”

Andy was one of Kevin’s oldest friends, another special with a stupid ability, someone Kevin could sympathize with. Well, most of the time. When it didn’t involve being a total nerd. Continue reading

Following Up

On Monday afternoon, after Kevin got home from his day job as a breakfast cook at the Sunrise Café–they paid him extra since he could supply his own bacon–he took the cordless phone out onto the back porch and leaned against the railing. A couple of stray cats popped up out of the bushes along the fringe of his yard, meowing and salivating in anticipation of some free meat.

Kevin dialled Esther’s number. The phone only rang once before Esther picked up and said, “Max?” Continue reading