On the Run

Leaves crackled crisply under the soles of Matt Moon’s hiking boots. He crested a small hill and paused for a moment to take in the view.

A gentle slope rolled on ahead of him down into a small meadow bordered by pine trees on three sides and a mostly dry creek bed on the fourth. Early-evening dew bowed the tips of the long wild grass, which cast swaying shadows in the light of the sinking sun. A pale crescent moon was peeking up just above the tree line, signaling the onset of dusk.

Matt inhaled a deep breath of cool, sharp air, as refreshing as a brand-new set of double-As. Actually, he could use a couple of thoseā€¦ Continue reading


Out of Fuel

A blustery winter evening swirled past the windows of Matt Moon’s cozy little log house. Inside, Matt was stoking the fire in the wood furnace. He threw another log in and warmed his hands. If the snowy weather continued until tomorrow, he’d have to brave the cold to bring in a few more armfuls from the pile beside the garage. The prospect didn’t much appeal to him. He went through more batteries that way… Continue reading