Client Management

The client was waiting for SMS on a narrow stretch of rocky beach that ran alongside Dallas Road. Other areas of the winding beachside street were popular tourist destinations, with trails and cliffs and beautiful ocean views, but for this meeting the client had chosen a segment of the beach that was less busy, better to hold a private conversation of this nature.

Like a good animal rights hippie, the man was dressed entirely in synthetic fabrics and was munching on a carrot stick. As SMS crossed the sand and logs that separated them, he saw a seagull swoop down and perch on a rock fifteen feet away from the man, eyeing the carrot sticks. The man watched it like a cornered dog. For someone who apparently cared so much about wildlife, he didn’t appear to have an especially close connection with it.

The client was still staring nervously at the seagull when SMS said, “Hello.”

The man jumped. “Oh!”

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Not Alone


Something dragged at Naomi’s left arm, and something else pulled against her right. Here in the other place, the unknown space she went to when she skipped, the sensations were strange, slow, soft, infused with that indescribable purpleness that dominated this time away from time. But here again was the electric edge of blackness, of wrongness, that she had only felt once before, the only other time she had ever brought someone here with her.

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Within moments, the RCMP Emergency Response Team had assembled itself into formation, and the main breaching group was approaching the garage under cover of their riot shields, compact battering ram at the ready. Behind them, taking cover behind their vehicles, were their veritable army of backup, the barrels of their weapons levelled at every door and window, ready to mow down any threats that might present themselves.

Two of the ERT members had detached themselves from the vehicles and crossed over to the sidewalk across from the house, where they were standing and watching the windows. A few curious faces popped up and the ERT members waved at them, gesturing to close the blinds. The frightened inhabitants quickly did as suggested.

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When I Wore Another Man’s Clothes

The rough fabric of Miguel’s thin jacket rubbed against the back of Naomi’s neck and brushed against her wrists. The jacket was coarse, and too big for her, and much too warm for a day like this. The sun was rising higher, beaming in through the windows of the unmarked cop car and making Naomi sweat.

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