He Wants Her

Miguel stood, knees slightly shaking, shoulders drooped, Adam’s apple bobbing in his scrawny neck, his resolution wavering even as he repeated his demand, jabbing a finger towards Naomi for emphasis: “She stays.”

Feigned sympathy fought its way back into Francis’s facial expression, but failed to win complete control of her vocal cords: “Why?” she half-growled.

The tone of the demand seemed to catch Miguel off-guard. “She… has to stay,” he repeated. “She has to. Because… He wants her.” Continue reading


The Blue Car

Naomi charged out of the vehicle and was halfway down the sidewalk, striding intently towards that blue car that had nearly run her down the day before, before she even realized what she was doing. A tiny, dwindling part of her mind urged, Think this through! but the warning was whisked away by a gust of wind off the inlet below that blew her hair into her eyes and smelled of saltwater.

An even tinier, fainter part of her whispered, My, you sure dismissed that little bit of common sense quickly, didn’t you? What’s come over you? She blinked and the thought was gone. Continue reading