Take My Hand

“A bit rude of you to keep us waiting,” said Ian Innis, looking down at Naomi. “But I suppose you can’t just come back whenever you want to, eh? It’s got to be the full six minutes and change, doesn’t it?”

Naomi glared.

“Nice of you to keep these two out of the way for us, though,” continued Innis, gesturing to Francis and Officer Diggins. “Not that we couldn’t have handled them along with the others, I suppose, but no need to put ourselves at any greater risk than we already were. Somebody might’ve gotten hurt.” Continue reading


Within moments, the RCMP Emergency Response Team had assembled itself into formation, and the main breaching group was approaching the garage under cover of their riot shields, compact battering ram at the ready. Behind them, taking cover behind their vehicles, were their veritable army of backup, the barrels of their weapons levelled at every door and window, ready to mow down any threats that might present themselves.

Two of the ERT members had detached themselves from the vehicles and crossed over to the sidewalk across from the house, where they were standing and watching the windows. A few curious faces popped up and the ERT members waved at them, gesturing to close the blinds. The frightened inhabitants quickly did as suggested.

Naomi watched in both fascination and fear. Continue reading

The Wave Breaks

“What should I do!?” shouted the driver. “Should I stop?”

The birds were spreading out, covering both lanes of the highway. They seemed to be gathering themselves into a mighty wave, preparing to crest and break down over the road.

“Don’t stop!” screamed Francis, gritting her teeth in concentration as she maintained the van’s localized invisibility—for whatever good it might do. “It’s intimidation, an ambush; they want us to stop. Power through! Go!Continue reading